Prophetic Warnings

I WILL NEVER FORGET THE URGENT MESSAGE given to the student body during Chapel hour in my Bible College so many years ago. The guest speaker was a missionary who worked with CHINESE CHRISTIANS. He took the podium, and shared the following message with a look of great somberness on his face.

”The following message comes from Christians living under COMMUNISM IN CHINA. It is a lesson for ALL Christians facing end-time persecution all over the world. DO NOT USE ’THE RAPTURE DOCTRINE‘ as an ESCAPIST doctrine from persecution for Jesus’ sake! Many Christians in China, however, made that mistake, and HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED.”
”When it appeared to Christians across China, that THE COMMUNISTS WERE ABOUT TO TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR COUNTRY, reportedly many Christians went to their pastors in China and asked questions like, ‘PASTOR, IS JESUS GOING TO RAPTURE US OUT to save us from the Communists???"

The above is what I Heard in a Vision (Supernatural Dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, in the morning of 4th February 2021.
As I heard those words, I saw Persecution of Christians take place. So probably in a metaphorical (symbolic) instance, I saw Christians running and hiding away, as some people sought them, wanting to sprinkle what looked like hot water upon them. The hot water was being sprinkled through a water gun sort of. These people who wanted to sprinkle them with hot water were agents who were based in Church; they were Church agents sent to pursue those who were running and had hidden, so that they could sprinkle the hot water upon them (enforce the sprinkling of the hot water upon them). So the persecution was actually internal; right within the Church. Persecution of Truly born-again Christians. I don’t know what other contents were in the hot water sprinkle. But it was a Church-sanctioned procedure.
The Vision of The LORD then ended.