End time Chronicles

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, speaking at virtual CogX technology conference last week, said the following: "You can create a digital ID today that is much more easily protected so you can deal with a lot of the privacy and surveillance issues that worry people," he said on Tuesday, 9th June 2020.

"It is a natural evolution of the way that we are going to use technology in any event to transact daily life and this Covid crisis gives an additional reason for doing that."

"I think people's disease status - have they been tested, what is the result of that test and have they had the disease, do they have the disease - unless you are able to record some of this data in a way people can use, it is going to be difficult to go back to anything like a near normal in things like transport."

Pope Benedict XVI, in a Pentecost Homily on Sunday, May 27, 2012, said, “But what is Babel? It is a kingdom in which people have concentrated so much power they think they no longer need to depend on a God who is far away. They believe they are so powerful they can build their own way to heaven in order to open the gates and put themselves in God’s place. We don’t realize we are reliving the same experience as Babel.”

Indeed, this is what is happening, with the globalists leading the world on that path.
Why must we be interested in their venture?
If they want to push God and his laws aside, then there must be a replacement in their new world being created; as believers, we must not be ignorant of these things, so we do not fall for their grand deception.

In this maiden writeup, I address the issue of the New World Order. Some Christians have been wondering what it is, and the true agenda the brains behind it, seek to achieve. In the last couple of years, many world leaders have been using the phrases; New World Order, New International Order and New Global Order, in speeches.

What is so bad with this current Order that we need a new one? If you follow the context in which the leaders use these phrases, it clearly points to the vision of a new world where man would be free from anything about God, and become one in all that we do. The world we know now has been declining speedily in morality, as well as witnessing an increase in anti-God behaviour worldwide.

This attitude and agenda of oneness started in the building of the tower of Babel in Gen 11:1-9. We see a society that wanted to do what was against the plan of God, by being together to build their tower. Their motive was the problem, because that was not how God wanted it; hence God intervened and scattered them.